Gasps and sighs abound...

Alien Invasion
Installment II
Before I even got to really talk about the Aliens in detail...they took me up for what seemed to be an endless whirlwind trip... I mean it. - Whirlwind. Like, they spun me around a lot and stuff. Not nice. Afterwards, I felt vomitous and I had a massive headache.

Then, as you can see from the pictures it looks like i rubbed my make up on my face to make myself look crazy but they actually got really violent and beat me up. I really want to say, for both aliens and humans alike - violence is never a good solution. Not at all.

It's just mind boggling. I'm not sure what I did to deserve the beat down...

They also make various parts of my head tingly randomly throughout the day. And and and, I have some powers. It isn't because I'm a "product of the 80s" and I grew up on X-Men and the like, it isn't because of this new show heroes... I have a secret power. It's really super duper. And yes, it will remain a secret. If I told you, and then you saw me on the street wearing my super duper hero outfit, you wouldn't know any better than to say, OH HEY, that's JOY. Joy Jama. Yeah, you're not foolin me - not telling the secret.

So... it seems the aliens have something to do show me wearing a kimono - oh, that's the ninja thing. It's still a big mystery to me. What I don't understand is why they fix up my hair and then mess it up. To be quite honest, I'm still learning more about the power myself...

Yes, yes, yes, I know - the story seems spastic. Don't you think I know that!? Sheesh.

I am spastic. What do you expect???! I've been taken up, down and all around. I'm just shaking my head right now, thinking about what has happened and how it's just so impossible to fully explain.

One of the first things I remember from the most recent abduction are the sunflowers and water all around - and then there's the jungle we went through. I don't understand why they take these pictures and then send them to me, or how they got my email address. Probably from the chip they inserted on my person. It's really frustrating you know... being abducted, and not having all the answers at once. And they know - THEY KNOW, they send me these emails taunting me. I'm like that guy who wakes up at the party with stuff written on him and he's totally unawares.

I've been in the jungle, I've been in the ocean, I've been surrounded by birds... and I think that's only a few of the places. They're always watching... it's really creepy. I think they set up surveillance in my vents. I don't know.

Without further stalling - here are the exhibit a's b's c's and so on -for Alien Invasion Installment II. Deuce. That's two? Dos.

I can't complain too much, I like sunflowers and I like seeing stars and I like flying... so... it's not all bad.

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