Alien Postage

Don't take it from me, aliens have a way of upsetting the natural order of things so that what you thought was safe and secure is really a mine field waiting to explode. In the winter time, things freeze over and die - in the spring time they are reborn, in the summer they burn to death and I guess in the fall they're just like, chilling.

I learned about how the aliens like trailer parks and birds some more, and and and, I got to leave earth, I floated in outer space for a while. I'm so glad for all the support on the end of alien violence, since I asked for help, things have been so much better between the aliens and myself. They take my advice and everything and they usually have great advice to give also.

The other day when I woke up from my deep coma after the fight... I woke up to a lovely surprise... a rose for me to eat. Well, there was a note attached and it was written in some language that I didn't really understand before but now I do understand. It said simply that if I ate the rose, happily and delighted, I would grow wings and fly to outer space and possibly meet more aliens and learn more about the alien life. I guess it kinda felt like being on one of those reality shows... OOOOOH! TYRA MAIL!!!!! Except it's alien mail.
So they're still doing that thing where they take pictures of me... they did this one and wrote me a note saying that I have a ridiculously large forehead. Whatever. Anyway, I ate the rose...
And flew... and saw birds... and alien kids and the alien day care.

In outer space, you get this remote that lets you control the temperature in your personal bubble. You actually get to see your bubble and it stays pretty clean most of the time but when you feel things they show on your bubble... confusion etc...

I dunno, it feels like ever since I started going to outer space more regularly you never really know what you'll see. Last year this time, I was writing things in my blog about ... what was wrong.

Now here I am flying, floating, gloating, I don't know which really. I would still write if you cut off my fingers - the aliens assure me that no one will ever cut off my fingers. They told me to listen to as much Don Omar and La India as I wanted and to play it really loud with my window open... they told me to be nice to ducks... they also told me to make sure I write on blogcritic.com at least one article a week about something. About something? Well what the hell is there to talk about?

I say, there's plenty to talk about... besides book fairs and book worms and things like that. There is scary stuff out there that goes on every day but we won't let that into outer space personal bubbles will we? We can go there and then come back for practical applications with all the edge taken off.

At the end of the day, they inserted a thing into my head... said it was my third eye chakra or something like that... something to do with the number six, I dunno - clairvoyance something or other. They inserted it and said that I was a psychic wonder suddenly, it came with eating the rose also. They said that I wouldn't be able to pick up on everything but somethings I would have total clarity on. They told me it was okay to be self obsessed and to chronical every bit of the new birth. Oh they said it didn't technically have anything to do with the New Year since it happened days before it. I predicted, and accurately so, that New Year 07 was a year to totally let go and trust. I predict that it's a year to be more reflective and not be sooooooo outrageously in anyone's face but to be in your own face, in your own space and in your own bubble, cleaning and feng shui-ing it out.

I predict that the word microcosm is going to be used a lot... and I also predict great things for the future of InstantJoy - and accurately so. I love uniting with aliens. Aren't we all, just aliens - in this outer space world. Let's all listen to the Rapture and dance around our rooms like evil hooligans. Shall we?

More later probably...

Oh but wait, I wanted to also really quick talk about the whole thing on 20/20 about there being no more privacy. What is it with privacy anyway that makes me sick to my... oh wait, there is no privacy, aliens watch me from the vents and send me pictures of myself... if you didn't see that episode of 20/20, there was great big talk on it about blogging, and flogging - no not flogging, I just wanted to rhyme that out... There was great big talk on there about there being so much stuff about people's personal lives on the internet. One guy sent a video of himself to get a job and then it ended up on the internet and he said something about how he thinks his dream of getting on wall street is now dashed because of that whole thing... He embarrassed himself he feels now... Is it a way to instill more fear I wonder? In the general public, to put messages out there about how you're being watched and what not.

Aliens watch through vents.


A Sleepy Day for Aliens

Today, they made me really tired. I think last night I went away with them again... something was going on with my Aveda hair products... something, something, my mind frequency, I'm not too sure what's really going on.

Eventually I got hungry and I just had to go. I don't really know today. Here's just some pictures. Can't quite call this Alien Installment III - I don't even like Roman numerals.

Well, well, well then...

That's really all for now...

Tomorrow, I'll explain more.


Gasps and sighs abound...

Alien Invasion
Installment II
Before I even got to really talk about the Aliens in detail...they took me up for what seemed to be an endless whirlwind trip... I mean it. - Whirlwind. Like, they spun me around a lot and stuff. Not nice. Afterwards, I felt vomitous and I had a massive headache.

Then, as you can see from the pictures it looks like i rubbed my make up on my face to make myself look crazy but they actually got really violent and beat me up. I really want to say, for both aliens and humans alike - violence is never a good solution. Not at all.

It's just mind boggling. I'm not sure what I did to deserve the beat down...

They also make various parts of my head tingly randomly throughout the day. And and and, I have some powers. It isn't because I'm a "product of the 80s" and I grew up on X-Men and the like, it isn't because of this new show heroes... I have a secret power. It's really super duper. And yes, it will remain a secret. If I told you, and then you saw me on the street wearing my super duper hero outfit, you wouldn't know any better than to say, OH HEY, that's JOY. Joy Jama. Yeah, you're not foolin me - not telling the secret.

So... it seems the aliens have something to do show me wearing a kimono - oh, that's the ninja thing. It's still a big mystery to me. What I don't understand is why they fix up my hair and then mess it up. To be quite honest, I'm still learning more about the power myself...

Yes, yes, yes, I know - the story seems spastic. Don't you think I know that!? Sheesh.

I am spastic. What do you expect???! I've been taken up, down and all around. I'm just shaking my head right now, thinking about what has happened and how it's just so impossible to fully explain.

One of the first things I remember from the most recent abduction are the sunflowers and water all around - and then there's the jungle we went through. I don't understand why they take these pictures and then send them to me, or how they got my email address. Probably from the chip they inserted on my person. It's really frustrating you know... being abducted, and not having all the answers at once. And they know - THEY KNOW, they send me these emails taunting me. I'm like that guy who wakes up at the party with stuff written on him and he's totally unawares.

I've been in the jungle, I've been in the ocean, I've been surrounded by birds... and I think that's only a few of the places. They're always watching... it's really creepy. I think they set up surveillance in my vents. I don't know.

Without further stalling - here are the exhibit a's b's c's and so on -for Alien Invasion Installment II. Deuce. That's two? Dos.

I can't complain too much, I like sunflowers and I like seeing stars and I like flying... so... it's not all bad.

Fairchild's Tropical Gadens/ Dale Chihuly Exhibit

Fairchild Tropical Gardens… Dale Chihuly exhibit

“I want my work to look like it just happened, as if it were made by nature.”-Dale Chihuly http://www.chihuly.com/

Fairchild Tropical Gardens is the most magical place in the city. Quiet, lush, tropical and magnificent garden… http://www.fairchildgarden.org/

I had to hug the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree. Actually, through the whole tour I kept thinking about this tree – I never knew such a thing existed. This one comes from Malaysia I think and my semi crappy camera did it no justice – the thing is friggin huge!

(these pictures are from the garden... I took them...)And as the bark peels the colors change – I swear it looked like a Willy Wonka garden sans candy. I like saying ‘sans’ these days.

I sat for a while beside Chihuly’s orbs – with purple and white flowers blooming on lily pads strong enough to hold a small child.

The tour guide really knew his stuff. I would imagine that it helps having to say the same spiel a bunch of times in the day, but you could also tell how much he loved his work. I loves seeing that. He drove around so many times with different groups, I was at the garden for like five hours… I want to live there. If possible, I’d like to split my time between the book store and this garden.

There were families, senior citizen groups – and golf carts everywhere with helpful museum workers who would drive you around if you asked them. I ate a delicious Mediterranean sandwich next to the rainbow tree – it had artichokes and olives, and cheese, yum!

And the butterflies!!!

I saw three kinds out this day, monarch, queen and zebra. It was windy so they really weren’t that many but I shot as many pictures as I could. I LOVE BUTTERFLY GARDENS! Marian, my friend who works at Fairchild’s and is like a plant doctor or something like that, has zebra butterflies at her house and a really really awesome garden. My favorite is the zebra butterfly.

Among Chihuly’s stuff was also art by other artists…

And there was one exhibit with plants in a crib and strollers… endangered species.

Maybe I'll post the rest of the pictures another time, I took over 100 pictures that day. Everything was just soooooooooo beautiful to me. Um... well, I guess there are some other things to say. So in the next blog I'll say them.


Aliens among us.... and ugly pictures galore

The aliens have made me very comfortable with my nose.

Sorry for the delay in explanation but, when aliens invade, there is no explanation. Just roll with it.

Side note...

As the days, weeks, etc.. go on, I'll be getting a more comfortable feel of this whole blogging thing... since er... ah, the first go at it. Hey, so... I have tons more to say about the book fair... and then there's Chihuly yet to come. I love saying that, Chihuly. Dale Chihuly... Rainbow Eucalyptus...

And ofcourse, as I mentioned in my other post that just kind of pops out at you and attacks you with strange unnecessary-ness... the alien abduction.

Another thing is that I think the aliens might have gone in and deleted a previous post I made with several books listed with pictures and stuff. Well, it was three but I don't see it here and I find that disturbing... I don't remember deleting it. Ah well... I probably was meant to rewrite that one about the ADHD book. I even met a lady who wrote a book on Incest... ah hell, I can't resist here is her picture...

She's an Author House author. Author House is a 'self publishing' company that I have considered very much working with... At the fair, I learned that there is not just one or two ways to self publish but that there are actually even more choices... The lady who wrote this book: Incest to Where? mentioned that she wasn't very pleased with the quality of service. She also mentioned that other authors may have a better time with them.

Her book, is... duh, about incest, personal experience... She let me take a picture of her and her huge poster board. I think that the poster board was right on because it got the job done.

You can learn more about "Incest to Where?"
by Ruth Toby on her website :

Book from Book Fair..

"They Say I Have ADHD, I Say Life Sucks!"

Lisa-Anne Ray Byers book is told from the point of view of Nicholas a boy with ADHD. She was kind enough to give me a copy of her book... :) Thanks!

I really liked it... uh... No, seriously, this is a book that can help parents understand what may be going on in the head of a child who is dealing with ADHD or ... 'thinking differently' - that's what I think it is.

For more information visit www.asklisaanne.com


Aliens Among Us.


Uh... well, I just wanted to say that this site is currently under a whole lotta construction...

That's all. Stay tuned for alien adventures, garden adventures, concert adventures, um... duck fight adventures, mismatched socks and other debacles. TOo many to name right now.

Alien Abduction
... Installment I.... um...

Well first, it came from over there... behind me, in the lake I think.. I dont know. OR it brought me back out from the lake. I just used to go over to this lake area everyday after work before and sit quietly for a while and then I felt like I was almost being drawn to it... I don't know if it was the sea horses on the box that I sat on but it was something... anyway, ever since I was abducted... I dont know... That's been happening a lot also. Blanking out and stuff. Well, more tomorrow or something. I have to go sit by the lake.


Miami Book Fair

So there is actually a bit more I can say about the fair....

There were so many "New Age" type booths at the fair. I wasn't that surprised to see religions that were represented but I was really blown away by the Urantia, Rosicrucian, um... and some stuff I'd never heard of... like, wtf Logosophy!? Oh my gosh, and there was this one guy, bless his heart, telling everyone that George Bush and the freemasons are going to take over the world. He had this document he kept showing to people.

Okay, so I'll have to add more about the rest of the people I talked to. There is more to say after all on most things.


Actually, the next time I post a blog I'll have to remember that it will publish them backwards... argh at that I'm so not in the mood to correct all of this as painstaking as it was... please read backwards.... <3 Joy

extras from book fair

So... I saw "the three musketeers" and they said that if I found D'Artagnan they would let me become the 'fourth musketeer'. And they said it in the cheesy accent and everything. Niiiice... there were all kinds of costumed people.

This is the International part of the fair... each tent had something about a country... like in the last one there is the Dominican Republic tent where there was a band...

I could also mention now that the Book Fair was downtown - by Miami Dade campus, near Bayfront Part etc.... Miami Arena, American Airlines Arena....

The main attraction for me were of course the books. It was nice for kids there also though because there were not only children's authors but also shows and face painting, you know - fair stuff. There are a lot of authors to mention, a lot of books to mention... um... hm... but this is what I took pictures of so we'll leave it at that, for now.