In Light of Recent Adventures

This is how it feels to be completely unedited.

But always with spell checking.

Recent Adventures. Well, the aliens have not gone away. They're still there. They take pictures with a cooler camera now and enjoy things a bit differently. They ask me to speak in jibberish code.

Recent Adventures. Again.

I took a class on Reiki. It was ... interesting. Read up on it in the skepdic and see what other people have to say about it. I say, it was cool. If I was on a truly gonzo escapade I would say that there was light beams shooting of people's hands and foreheads - for added affect. Maybe, to make you believe.

What else... I'm in a kind of la la limbo land. Let me find a picture of the Hanged Man for that.

I love these Dali tarot cards. They're my absolute favorite. Seeing this card means waiting. But ... the wait is over folks, this just in:

I dunno what. But the wait is over. I love culminations, final learnings and like, understanding. The tarot card at the top is the Star and it's pretty much a happy card, it means, there's hope yet! Hope for what I wonder.

Besides the Reiki class

...oh the other day! I saw this band CPM22 at Cinema in Boca... Cinema is a Brazilian "emo-core" band, as classified in Wikipedia. What did I think? Well, for starters my neck was hurting the next morning from all my head bangin around. And then the other thing is that I don't understand Portuguese. The one song I kind of understood was the "Libertad" one. CPM 22 was way cool though. Then, right after was Daft Punk at Voodoo Lounge. At least I think it was Daft Punk. Sorry to all the huge Daft Punk fans. Oh and how's this for even cooler, they wore alien masks while doing their thing on stage. It is not very easy to try to jump around in heels. Next time I'm going to wear flip flops.

In other words, it's been fun.

OH! The drummer of CPM22 is soooo dreamy. I just had to say that.

McSweeney's takes submissions of letters to people who probably will never read them. Oh, maybe I should share my Johnny Depp letters?

In world news, lots of serious stuff is happening. *makes a serious face*

Today is a day that I said to myself, dude, you've got to start using your blog more often. What's done is done and all that. I picked up Virginia Woolf letters today at the library. She wrote thousands of letters in her lifetime which people kept because they loved her letters so much.

Oh dear, it's just me rambling again.
I should have a picture to put in here... so I'll add one. This guy said it took him three hours to put on his make up. I think.