Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler

This is a song that I like... by Pink Martini

Here I am in the middle of moving. In a few short days I will be on my way to SUNNY SEATTLE!!! I'm excited about it.

Tonight however I have been thinking about - writing and what the point of things is at times... I'm kind of stumped. I guess there's so much more important things to talk about than nothing at all. It's not frustrating.

It's just that ...

pause my emo moment so that Eliot can show me this thing about Andre 3000's cartoon. And the turn table next to me just said something ... "scratch nerd"...


Yeah, so my emo moments of the night will have to wait. Eliot has shown me the light and it is.. "Class of3000" on Cartoon Network. I'm going to make a song now. And you should too.

Until next time... *small wave*
Oh , wait, I wanted to say about my drawing pictures: I was not bored. I was dead serious. Hmph!


Merolly's Nails... (Merolly.. wit two L's!)

=) My friend Merolly and her cousin came over for a while tonight... we hung out. You know, talked about aliens and stuff. Merolly's nails are so hwat that only an alien could have done them. She assures me it's a lady in Homestead and that it's not an alien but I say, whatever. Check out Merolly... with two L's!, nails. =) And if anyone can find a song by Top 40 that is called "Merolly" please send it to me. Because we really want to hear it.


Homestead's A Happenin Place... (AKA tourist in my own neighborhood)

We begin our journey, here... (lol) on the corner of Flagler and Krome avenue... in Homestead... they call this, "Historic Homestead District". It's a part of Homestead that I hardly get to visit - very important to note that the ONLY bookstore in ALL of Homestead is located in this area. Recently opened.

Since I mentioned it first, let's see some pictures of the new bookstore:
ound Books and Gifts...
Inside they have =)

Here are some other pictures of the book store...

They sell jewelry and other gift items as well. And soon, they'll have some new fish in their cool salt water fish tank. It's great to not have to drive all the way to Kendall anymore and - if you bring your laptop - they've got internet!!! =)

So then, next on my adventure was Caribbean Touch, they sell comfortable, cute clothing, shoes, accessories - even incense (that smell GREAT btw).

Next door to Caribbean Touch is the Caribbean Chocolate Company - seriously, the best chocolate coconut thing I've ever had. And, one really neat thing about this store is how it looks... unfortunately today I didn't get to go inside because they were closed when I went by but... anyway, the inside of the store... it's so neat. Yeah, I said neat. They have these two lime green refrigerators that made me feel cooler just for being in their presence.

Further on down the road, you come to the Antique Mall.

In the front of the Antique Mall is Maia's Cafe... I wish I wrote the dog's name down... She was so camera ready. And I was told that she knows she's not actually allowed inside the store so she sits as close as possible without actually being in the store. Too cute.

Not only do they have coffee and smoothies but also food - Creole, yum!!! I tried the best ever frozen coffee drink. Thank you - Maia's Cafe! This thing was sooooooooooooooo beyond good. I wish I had more right now. I used to be against frozen coffee drinks but I think I changed my mind today.

There are several stores in the Antique Mall but I really got to only look around at two other stores. One was, 75 Rabbit Boutique - where everything is handmade - and way - um... retro. Very cool stuff. I bought Wonder Woman earrings... And I'm sitting here right now... coveting the "Alice in Wonderland" purse that I saw there.

And after that we have... BELLA CORA'S... I just love that there are signs all around this store that say "PRACTICE HAPPINESS"... I also LOVE Bella Cora's Natural Bath and Body stuff. Made from Goat's Milk. The one I bought was Rock-a-Bye, and I'm telling you... wow. I wanted to sleep right in my tub. Rock-a-bye is oatmeal goat's milk and honey, a soap free baby bath. WOW, I just... WOW. I've never tried anything like it before. Right now writing this, I had to go and open it and smell is just once more so that I could find more accurate words to describe my bathing experience. Very soothing... I've never used a product like it before. (I'm going to smell it again. )

That's all for now...

This has been adventures in Homestead with Joy. oh, oh wait.. and what else?

Another beautiful full moon.