Tis the Season to be JOY

Well folks, it has been quite a while and here I am posting a quick but nice little blog...

I dont' know what to write. Is that really ever the case with me?

I woke up this morning and I wrote for a while before work. I was up at like, oh, 5:30 and listening to music. The last thing I listened to before leaving the house was that "Low" song, I think that's what it's called. But most of the morning was filled with Gipsy Kings...

I say all that to say this:
I am a gypsy. Joy Jama: Queen OF the Gypsy's

Anyway, what else is there? I haven't the foggiest idea. This blog will live on, because nothing on the internet really dies. It's like getting a facebook account and then deleting it and then restablishing only to learn that everything including old messages, pictures and preferences are still there. Living, breathing, internet.

I'm random - without drugs. It's true. I bounce all over the place with my words and my thoughts. When I settle down it will be .. for good? I dunno again, I just dont' know.

I wish that the whole world revels in this Full Moon in Cancer on December 24th. The moon according to my igoogle is 100% of full. THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL THING! I love it. I love the full moon. Some people think it's bad, or scary but me... FULL MOON me up.

It's quite enough nonsense for now. I'm not going to go back and delete or rewrite because that's not the sort of writer I am. I'm going to publish and set it in binary stone.



In Light of Recent Adventures

This is how it feels to be completely unedited.

But always with spell checking.

Recent Adventures. Well, the aliens have not gone away. They're still there. They take pictures with a cooler camera now and enjoy things a bit differently. They ask me to speak in jibberish code.

Recent Adventures. Again.

I took a class on Reiki. It was ... interesting. Read up on it in the skepdic and see what other people have to say about it. I say, it was cool. If I was on a truly gonzo escapade I would say that there was light beams shooting of people's hands and foreheads - for added affect. Maybe, to make you believe.

What else... I'm in a kind of la la limbo land. Let me find a picture of the Hanged Man for that.

I love these Dali tarot cards. They're my absolute favorite. Seeing this card means waiting. But ... the wait is over folks, this just in:

I dunno what. But the wait is over. I love culminations, final learnings and like, understanding. The tarot card at the top is the Star and it's pretty much a happy card, it means, there's hope yet! Hope for what I wonder.

Besides the Reiki class

...oh the other day! I saw this band CPM22 at Cinema in Boca... Cinema is a Brazilian "emo-core" band, as classified in Wikipedia. What did I think? Well, for starters my neck was hurting the next morning from all my head bangin around. And then the other thing is that I don't understand Portuguese. The one song I kind of understood was the "Libertad" one. CPM 22 was way cool though. Then, right after was Daft Punk at Voodoo Lounge. At least I think it was Daft Punk. Sorry to all the huge Daft Punk fans. Oh and how's this for even cooler, they wore alien masks while doing their thing on stage. It is not very easy to try to jump around in heels. Next time I'm going to wear flip flops.

In other words, it's been fun.

OH! The drummer of CPM22 is soooo dreamy. I just had to say that.

McSweeney's takes submissions of letters to people who probably will never read them. Oh, maybe I should share my Johnny Depp letters?

In world news, lots of serious stuff is happening. *makes a serious face*

Today is a day that I said to myself, dude, you've got to start using your blog more often. What's done is done and all that. I picked up Virginia Woolf letters today at the library. She wrote thousands of letters in her lifetime which people kept because they loved her letters so much.

Oh dear, it's just me rambling again.
I should have a picture to put in here... so I'll add one. This guy said it took him three hours to put on his make up. I think.


Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler

This is a song that I like... by Pink Martini

Here I am in the middle of moving. In a few short days I will be on my way to SUNNY SEATTLE!!! I'm excited about it.

Tonight however I have been thinking about - writing and what the point of things is at times... I'm kind of stumped. I guess there's so much more important things to talk about than nothing at all. It's not frustrating.

It's just that ...

pause my emo moment so that Eliot can show me this thing about Andre 3000's cartoon. And the turn table next to me just said something ... "scratch nerd"...


Yeah, so my emo moments of the night will have to wait. Eliot has shown me the light and it is.. "Class of3000" on Cartoon Network. I'm going to make a song now. And you should too.

Until next time... *small wave*
Oh , wait, I wanted to say about my drawing pictures: I was not bored. I was dead serious. Hmph!


Merolly's Nails... (Merolly.. wit two L's!)

=) My friend Merolly and her cousin came over for a while tonight... we hung out. You know, talked about aliens and stuff. Merolly's nails are so hwat that only an alien could have done them. She assures me it's a lady in Homestead and that it's not an alien but I say, whatever. Check out Merolly... with two L's!, nails. =) And if anyone can find a song by Top 40 that is called "Merolly" please send it to me. Because we really want to hear it.


Homestead's A Happenin Place... (AKA tourist in my own neighborhood)

We begin our journey, here... (lol) on the corner of Flagler and Krome avenue... in Homestead... they call this, "Historic Homestead District". It's a part of Homestead that I hardly get to visit - very important to note that the ONLY bookstore in ALL of Homestead is located in this area. Recently opened.

Since I mentioned it first, let's see some pictures of the new bookstore:
ound Books and Gifts...
Inside they have =)

Here are some other pictures of the book store...

They sell jewelry and other gift items as well. And soon, they'll have some new fish in their cool salt water fish tank. It's great to not have to drive all the way to Kendall anymore and - if you bring your laptop - they've got internet!!! =)

So then, next on my adventure was Caribbean Touch, they sell comfortable, cute clothing, shoes, accessories - even incense (that smell GREAT btw).

Next door to Caribbean Touch is the Caribbean Chocolate Company - seriously, the best chocolate coconut thing I've ever had. And, one really neat thing about this store is how it looks... unfortunately today I didn't get to go inside because they were closed when I went by but... anyway, the inside of the store... it's so neat. Yeah, I said neat. They have these two lime green refrigerators that made me feel cooler just for being in their presence.

Further on down the road, you come to the Antique Mall.

In the front of the Antique Mall is Maia's Cafe... I wish I wrote the dog's name down... She was so camera ready. And I was told that she knows she's not actually allowed inside the store so she sits as close as possible without actually being in the store. Too cute.

Not only do they have coffee and smoothies but also food - Creole, yum!!! I tried the best ever frozen coffee drink. Thank you - Maia's Cafe! This thing was sooooooooooooooo beyond good. I wish I had more right now. I used to be against frozen coffee drinks but I think I changed my mind today.

There are several stores in the Antique Mall but I really got to only look around at two other stores. One was, 75 Rabbit Boutique - where everything is handmade - and way - um... retro. Very cool stuff. I bought Wonder Woman earrings... And I'm sitting here right now... coveting the "Alice in Wonderland" purse that I saw there.

And after that we have... BELLA CORA'S... I just love that there are signs all around this store that say "PRACTICE HAPPINESS"... I also LOVE Bella Cora's Natural Bath and Body stuff. Made from Goat's Milk. The one I bought was Rock-a-Bye, and I'm telling you... wow. I wanted to sleep right in my tub. Rock-a-bye is oatmeal goat's milk and honey, a soap free baby bath. WOW, I just... WOW. I've never tried anything like it before. Right now writing this, I had to go and open it and smell is just once more so that I could find more accurate words to describe my bathing experience. Very soothing... I've never used a product like it before. (I'm going to smell it again. )

That's all for now...

This has been adventures in Homestead with Joy. oh, oh wait.. and what else?

Another beautiful full moon.


Lookin out my window...

And what did I see?

The moon, in the daytime. Quite full. Something about the moon and the sun being visible at the same time just makes me... so... I dunno what.

Well, actually like 98% full but I can work with that. Periodically I glance outside the window to see if it's still there; it's dark now so it's pretty clear... out there in our clear South Florida sky. =)

I really had nothing spectacular except for the pictures I took of the moon to share. I have boundless colada energy today. They should put that in a can and sell it. CoLaDa Energy (remember I said that), they, the people who make stuff. You know them.

Something frightened my cat today.

Was it me?

Couldn't be!


So it's cool...

Whenever I do post it's usually a few things at a time. So what more can I say? Ahem, I can say a lot more.

Um, first thing, let me get the pictures out of the way because otherwise the chip in my brain is gonna start acting up and well, you know we don't want that. Oh and - I'm so happy to see that "Heroes" is online, since I don't actually watch tv anymore, I can catch the latest episode whenever I want - online. God blesses the information super highway. What a great name for something - information super highway. That's my favorite kind of highway. No tolls.

Anyway, the following picture series I been kinda holding out on and I don't know why b/c it's just taking up lots of space on the camera to keep them. These are about littering vs not littering. I prefer, not littering. Trash being left behind after a day at the beach is like... so wrong. For real, sure the majority of people clean up after themselves but the other day when I was at the beach - South Beach, closer to the movie theater and Lincoln Rd, way on like 16th street... there was SO MUCH LITTER! And no, I alone couldn't get it all up. The point is, what are people thinking - what, since they're maybe just visiting they don't have to clean up? That's such bullshit. Garbage! Seriously, there are wastebaskets everywhere - and the ocean, after enjoying it's beauty and peace and all - would it kill some people to just pick up after themselves?

Tangents, are fun but litter is bad. Okay?! I hope I got that message across. The ocean is for sand, seashells, starfish, crabs, fish, birds - NOT GARBAGE! Word up. *smile*

Now onto other things...

Is it some kind of irony that I'm listening to Nirvana and I'm about to move to Seattle? What happens in Seattle anyway? Rain? I don't mind a little rain here and there but I'm hearing it's not just a little here and there. Well, other than that... "smells like teen spirit". It's time to change the song and move along...

NO JOKE!!! It's like the Winamp knows me or something - or atleast knows what I'm typing - the next song was - Janis Joplin singing "I Can't Stand the Rain". HA, ha. ha.

And then after that was Nina Simone "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood". I don't want to really hear either. This week has been electronic and freestyle and cha cha cha charmin. Aaah, we finally settle into Gotan "Last Tango In Paris" - nice song. I think in categories this falls under 'lounge'. I'm not really loungin, I got boxes all around and cd's on the floor... Oh me, I'm finally getting rid of all the cd's. I am not going to take pictures of the mess on the floor although I am slightly tempted. I have this calendar from Peking House and the lady on the front, her smile and pose with scarf is so annoying. What's she got to be so happy about? And then I'm wondering if I should take my Alice in Wonderland light switch fixture with me. It's this cute scene of Alice talking to the caterpillar. And as everyone knows, I love Alice and Wonderland and all it's inhabitants. "caloo calay".

I have this small card with St Francis of Assisi's Prayer of Peace on it... I will type it here. Just in case you don't know it. It's very nice and well... great...

Prayer of Peace
St Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is darkness, light,
and where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled
as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive,
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

What else is on the wall.. pictures of my sisters, a guest pass to Fairchild Tropical Gardens that I haven't had a chance to use yet, pictures of myself, and Ayatul Kuursi above my bed. I had this metal heart thing on the wall too but I stuck that in a box.

And the beat goes on. Now I'm listening to Skazi vs Psysex, the song where it keeps repeating, "don't even know what the hell it is...". I find this kind of music to be so great for writing, cleaning, getting ready, getting hyper... Tomorrow, I got a lotta lotta stuff to do.

I know, it's maybe hard to follow - I started talking about the things on the wall and then moved on to something completely different. I guess I could blame the music. I'm thinking if I have anything else to say. Well, the other day I read that if you use a lot of I in your writing, and you're writing only about yourself, you are writing only for yourself. The word sardonic comes to mind if this true. I'm going to look it up now to make sure I used it in the right context - for using words the wrong way is a fate worst than plague to me. Dictionary.com says: characterized by bitter or scornful derision; mocking; cynical; sneering

Well, I guess that would be how it made me feel to hear that about writing like that. Like it's mocking me - me alone - who writes all this I I I... ai ai ai. I. I was going to start the next sentence using I again. What's wrong with it? I don't know really if there is anything wrong with using a lot of I. Patti Smith says the night belongs to lovers and to life - that's all I'm sayin. Patti Smith also says something about a rock n roll n* word and I don't quite get why she says that.

Oh while I'm traveling to Seattle, I'll be carrying my violin - so I'll totally get to be a big fat poseur and act like it's something I do totally well. Um, I sound quite bad. Supposing though, that you have to suck at at least one thing. Let that be my one thing. And nothing else. Actually, no, not quite true... I burn everything I bake. So I try not to bake anything.

Like seriously, it's about time I stopped typing nonsense to the imaginary people in the imaginary world.

I don't want to listen to Jack Johnson tonight, another song is going to get switched. Ooh la la, Madonna - Human Nature... I dig this song. I always will. "Express yourself, don't repress yourself..."

How does one go from Francis of Assisi to Madonna?

Honestly, I don't pretend to know. I just do what I do.

From the Aliens. they asked me to capitalize that.

I asked the Aliens, I says, hey - Aliens, whaddya think this is Picasa or Flickr or something? What's with all the pictures!? But they said to just do it. So I am. Okay? Okay.

They were insulted when I told them whoever drew these pictures drew like a five year old. They were like, and what the hell is wrong with drawing like a five year old? So, they might send more just because of that comment. Well, what can I say? Pictures from aliens.

Singing Bowls at Inner Wisdom

It has been a while...

Soooo... here we must talk about Inner Wisdom Books, a wonderful soul friendly store in Deerfield Beach on US-1 right near Hillsboro Blvd - last weekend I was there and got to hang out with my good friends. Seriously, I love this store. It's such a welcoming environment to be in, and Dottie and Pete are the best people. Not only do they carry books but also angels, fairies, incense, candles, jewelry, just to name a quick few.

On Saturday Robyn Chiarelli was teaching a class using crystal singing bowls, a little light yoga, mudras and color meditation. Robyn is a patient and skilled teacher who relaxed everyone instantly with her guided meditation. Then, the singing bowls. Wow. Music sounds for healing is the best idea ever. I used the Healing Music Project cd's before - from "The Relaxation Company" and various other "brain wave meditation" things; I found them to be helpful as well. Especially when your mind goes a million miles a minute like mine does it's pretty helpful to have something that totally engages you so that you actually do focus. Anyway, I go off on tangents don't I?

For a quick history on singing bowls, just in case you don't know what they are - they are bowls that come from Tibet, Japan - um... ancient cultures, and well...

They're used for healing and meditation. In this particular class, we started from the base chakra and worked our way up, meditating on each corresponding color, doing the mudra and learning a yoga pose that worked with each chakra. After the class was over, I felt like I could fly and then I really did. No just kidding, I just wanted to know if you were paying attention... um......

Well, this was great seriously. I would like to actually learn more about the singing bowls because I feel some what like a tuning fork and I think those things work on me quite well.

I know that you're really interested in finding out more about singing bowls so here's wikipedia for you with some wicked cool information to further your singing bowl knowledge bank http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singing_bowl .

And if you would like to know about the bookstore, see their calendar and perhaps check out another class : www.innerwisdombooks.com.

Until next time, I'm off to listen to some more freestyle music... JOHNNY O N CYNTHIA... Dancing around the room in my fairy slippers... Aliens say hello. Hello.