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As the days, weeks, etc.. go on, I'll be getting a more comfortable feel of this whole blogging thing... since er... ah, the first go at it. Hey, so... I have tons more to say about the book fair... and then there's Chihuly yet to come. I love saying that, Chihuly. Dale Chihuly... Rainbow Eucalyptus...

And ofcourse, as I mentioned in my other post that just kind of pops out at you and attacks you with strange unnecessary-ness... the alien abduction.

Another thing is that I think the aliens might have gone in and deleted a previous post I made with several books listed with pictures and stuff. Well, it was three but I don't see it here and I find that disturbing... I don't remember deleting it. Ah well... I probably was meant to rewrite that one about the ADHD book. I even met a lady who wrote a book on Incest... ah hell, I can't resist here is her picture...

She's an Author House author. Author House is a 'self publishing' company that I have considered very much working with... At the fair, I learned that there is not just one or two ways to self publish but that there are actually even more choices... The lady who wrote this book: Incest to Where? mentioned that she wasn't very pleased with the quality of service. She also mentioned that other authors may have a better time with them.

Her book, is... duh, about incest, personal experience... She let me take a picture of her and her huge poster board. I think that the poster board was right on because it got the job done.

You can learn more about "Incest to Where?"
by Ruth Toby on her website :

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