Do You Miss the Aliens???


Okay fine... I just kind of started this alien business and then ran away from it... Well, basically the aliens did their thing, they do their thing when necessary and pretty much I just reap the affects of it. I still don't understand what was with the violence that one time - but it's ok. I have so many pictures to share and a great many new adventures.

Two people who are in charge of the alien kingdom: The one lady told me that her name was Megan but it could be just to make it easy for me to understand alien speak. After I met with Megan and the guy, whose name I must have forgotten - or maybe they blanked it out of my memory... anyway, after I met with them, they sent me these pictures of them in their alien way. It appears, they really like coffee and creative dreaming. Which I thought was really cool. Since my encounter with these two beings, I have been creative dreaming while I'm awake... crazy interesting stuff I tell ya.

Fun also. I want to say that this also... I want to go on and on about some random random random things. Like this for example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPFmM4iO2m0... I have it going right now, I wanted to add that this is some freaky creepy s*it! I can't look at this thing going on with the screen because my eyes don't want to. Since my abduction...

you can start saying that now if you want to: since my abduction.. just start sentences like that. It's totally 2007.
Well, since my abduction I have been accustomed to speaking for each of my limbs as a separate entity each. So, my eyes don't want to look at that thing.

Moving on....


What else is new? Please don't hate me if you listen to this video or watch it all the way to the end. It's just bizarre and that's okay. I'm at 13 minutes. Wowzers. I'm about done with this, don't wanna wait til minute 18... Yep, done at 15 minutes.

Do you have a flickr account? What the hell is this flickr business? Is it supposed to be all the rave? The rage? What's the word I'm looking for? Do you want to see more pictures?

Here's a tree:

And here's me:

*bow and curtsy*

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