Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler

This is a song that I like... by Pink Martini

Here I am in the middle of moving. In a few short days I will be on my way to SUNNY SEATTLE!!! I'm excited about it.

Tonight however I have been thinking about - writing and what the point of things is at times... I'm kind of stumped. I guess there's so much more important things to talk about than nothing at all. It's not frustrating.

It's just that ...

pause my emo moment so that Eliot can show me this thing about Andre 3000's cartoon. And the turn table next to me just said something ... "scratch nerd"...


Yeah, so my emo moments of the night will have to wait. Eliot has shown me the light and it is.. "Class of3000" on Cartoon Network. I'm going to make a song now. And you should too.

Until next time... *small wave*
Oh , wait, I wanted to say about my drawing pictures: I was not bored. I was dead serious. Hmph!


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