Come to Mama...

So, I wrote something here previously - about a desire to delete... to write write write then, delete - and then what had happened was, I was deleting old drafts and I accidentally deleted a very legitimate post.  It was all about my anger towards writing and all this other valid nonsense.

It's a slow start this morning.  I been sitting here thinking about what to write... 

Listening to the Darkness "I believe in a thing called Love"

Now it's switched to Julieta Venegas - which reminds me I should upload the pictures from the concert I went to in October... I was so happy to be there.  Seriously, who doesn't love Julieta Venegas?  Only stupid people.

Yeah, I said it.

So, let's just bounce around from topic to topic as I am wont to do.  It's okay, random is my middle name.  Actually, no it's not.

Middle names, piff, who needs em?  The government!! The man!!! 

Today outside my window it's cloudy, not a sunny fun day in San Diego but there are so many of those that a rainy day looks nice.  I have some movies to watch... "Man Push Cart" is one of them... "The Counterfeiters" the other and one more... "La Haine".  I look forward to watching them all.  I'm also going to make a delicious tomato sauce this evening for dinner.  Which I look forward to as well.

There is no point to this post.  I'm just making up for the one I deleted.  

I better head to the grocery store before it starts raining.  There are a lot of things I want to write about and rant about... like how the traffic in DC makes one very very angry and mean.. one being me.  It makes me so mad!  IT makes me nuts!!!  I was in DC this week that's why there is a mention of it.  My hotel was the near the Freemason temple.  Freaky looking building but very beautiful view of Alexandria from it.  You look down and see the city and then you look another direction and see the Capitol building and the Washington Monument.  Some things about DC are just absolutely beautiful.  My hometown which I have disowned for way too long.  I claim too many places though.. anyway...

OHH! This morning, I sat up in bed and sang a song then laid back down and went back to sleep for a few more hours.  It was very strange.  I know I must have been sleep singing because I can't remember the tune now.   Well, I plan on posting more and more and more and just writing away.   Well - whenever I have the urge I will.

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