Miami Book Fair

So there is actually a bit more I can say about the fair....

There were so many "New Age" type booths at the fair. I wasn't that surprised to see religions that were represented but I was really blown away by the Urantia, Rosicrucian, um... and some stuff I'd never heard of... like, wtf Logosophy!? Oh my gosh, and there was this one guy, bless his heart, telling everyone that George Bush and the freemasons are going to take over the world. He had this document he kept showing to people.

Okay, so I'll have to add more about the rest of the people I talked to. There is more to say after all on most things.


Actually, the next time I post a blog I'll have to remember that it will publish them backwards... argh at that I'm so not in the mood to correct all of this as painstaking as it was... please read backwards.... <3 Joy

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