extras from book fair

So... I saw "the three musketeers" and they said that if I found D'Artagnan they would let me become the 'fourth musketeer'. And they said it in the cheesy accent and everything. Niiiice... there were all kinds of costumed people.

This is the International part of the fair... each tent had something about a country... like in the last one there is the Dominican Republic tent where there was a band...

I could also mention now that the Book Fair was downtown - by Miami Dade campus, near Bayfront Part etc.... Miami Arena, American Airlines Arena....

The main attraction for me were of course the books. It was nice for kids there also though because there were not only children's authors but also shows and face painting, you know - fair stuff. There are a lot of authors to mention, a lot of books to mention... um... hm... but this is what I took pictures of so we'll leave it at that, for now.

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