Peek-a-boo!! I see you!!!!!

I can't help it at all. This has been total movie weekend - as per the instructions of my alien friends. They said... girl - go on and get you some movies. I'm actually at my last movie today - um... this one is "Eyes With No Face" - it's a scary movie. So anyway...

I gotta get a bagel and then go and start this new movie. With some tea. Yum. Chamomile or mint, I can't be sure which.

I find it quite bothersome that I've suddenly started treating this blog as a diary or something. It's not. But it could be, couldn't it?

Dear Diary... today I was abducted by aliens.


Anyway, the next thing on the agenda is this then: the seahorse box - alien vessels. They are many more of them. Everywhere I go I see them parked. It's real inconspicuous and stuff. I'll add the picture here:

The aliens didn't take those pictures... I did, with the camera on my phone. There I was putting air in my tires and then what do I see - an alien space ship right next to me. It's locked, that must mean those aliens are around for a while. Maybe they even hide at the gas station I was at. Anyway, all I know is that - the sea horses mean something to them, and there's also a dolphin on the other side of the box. I think that some people maybe think that aliens communicate with dolphins... what say you Flipper?

Okay, that's enough of that. Dear Diary, I'm hungry. Dear Diary, please feed me. Dear Diary, bagel, toasted and not too much cream cheese. Thanks.

Anymore alien pictures to share? Fine... I'm afraid they'll beat me up if I don't add these that they sent me yesterday.

I believe some of these came directly from their planet. Notice the pinkish hue and the strange scary fat man in a santa hat pulling what looks to be a horse into a big huge box with wheels. Notice also the horse in the background. Uh huh.. yeah.
I think something in their atmosphere makes their air change colors or something. And then, they sent me these - I guess I might have gone away with them last night or something. Or something. Or something. Or something. You see what I mean about this over use of words? It's just... gets me all... mad n hot.

They sent me these of myself... I actually kinda like them a lot... find them fun and brightly colored and what not.

Hey girl, wasn't you gonna eat some bagels or something? "and venus in furs will be smiling.. oh when that moment arrives..."

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