Alas - NIGHT is finally here

Sometimes I really like the night time. Especially when it's not riddled with abductions and the like.

This weekend of watching movies culminated with a reading of Leopold von Sacher's "Venus in Furs" - since I watched the movie and all. I actually sat through the whole online version of it Project Gutenburg offers it - I couldn't move. Something about it... oh and the lines.

Like this one... You see no one, and no one sees you. It is boring enough to write idyls. I would have leisure here to supply a whole gallery of paintings, furnish a theater with new pieces for an entire season, a dozen virtuosos with concertos, trios, and duos, but—what am I saying—the upshot of it all is that I don't do much more than to stretch the canvas, smooth the bow, line the scores. For I am—no false modesty, Friend Severin; you can lie to others, but you don't quite succeed any longer in lying to yourself—I am nothing but a dilettante, a dilettante in painting, in poetry, in music, and several other of the so-called unprofitable arts, which, however, at present secure for their masters the income of a cabinet minister, or even that of a minor potentate. Above all else I am a dilettante in life.

And what a freakishly far out name is Severin? I love this name. Severin. I'm going to get a pet and call him Severin. Yes, not like Gregor though... not at all like Gregor.

I've already taken to calling my cat Sergio. His name was Baby before but one day I walked in my front door, took one look at him and then said: ah, you will be Sergio! Yes, I exclaimed it in fact. I might actually have been walking out the door at this time... can't be too sure these days. Isn't it the most assholish and uncalled for thing to just change someone's given name at your own will? Just walk up to someone you know and say, hey, I think that this name Joe or Bob really sucks, I'm going to call you from now on Jacques - or something like that. Try it, I doubt anyone will be too pleased at someone else taking this kind of liberty but you're very free to do it. And when you find someone that is willing to have you change their name, on a whim, well, then I think you may have found a gem of a person.

Not really, I'm rambling and being random and this is my custom.

All in all, night falls and things seem swell. This night, the aliens haven't sent me any pictures...I'm too tired to really look around for any. I got one more thing to do and then it's lights out over here. Because it is the best time for sleeping... at night. In the day, there is much else to be done. Like maybe going to Fairchild's Tropical garden and talking to butterflies. *looks around suspiciously*

No pictures? Nope. Not a one. Tomorrow for that. Dear Diary, I'm going to bed. Dear Diary.

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