"Salvador Dali, True Love"

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Aliens... nothing to say about them today. Actually, just wanted to share this little rant about Salvador Dali... my one true love.

How could I be so mistaken? I thought and mulled over what to write so much. It's my first article on Blogcritics Magazine, to be published around the start of the new year. At first, the idea was to write about something helpful to everyone... then I figured, what's the harm in indulging this fabulous new year? Let me speak of my one true love.

I love Salvador Dali, with all my heart and soul. I am currently reading The Secret Life of Salvador Dali and with every page, I fall more and more in love. This is Dali's autobiography wherein he allows the reader to see what a genius he is. Upon hearing that word, Dali instantly comes to mind.

Recently I was in Toronto visiting family and friends - annoying people with my strong desire to talk about my two favorite subjects, Dali and me. Actually, there are many facets to those subjects and like all things they kind of merge into one... There I go trailing off again.

Dali is my hero.

The first time I called the bookstore to see if they had the book the girl on the phone couldn't find it, the second time another person couldn't find it, the third time... I swear it was like a light shone on the book after I spent time checking each and every shelf in the Art section of the bookstore. I heard angelic voices singing and pretty fairy dust was swirling all around the book... it might have even moved a little, I think I saw the binding pop out.

Even the pages are the softest and silkiest pages on any book I have ever held. As a matter of fact, the back of the book has a message from Dover, the publisher, stating that these "pages are opaque, with minimal show-through; it will not discolor or become brittle with age. Pages are bound in signatures, in the method traditionally used for the best books, and will not drop out. ... The binding will not crack or split. This is a permanent book."

There is some controversy around whether or not any of these events that Dali talks about ever happened. If you've ever seen a Salvador Dali painting, an original, you wouldn't wonder for a second if these tales he writes about happened or not. Surrealism is all about being able to see things in the cracks in the ceilings, being able to see images in clouds - using your imagination to the fullest, walking the tightrope between reality and non reality, living fully inside your head.

I read the Salvador Dali tarot cards so, naturally knowing more about the creator of the deck helps to grow closer to the cards, which then makes me give super good readings.

I'm going on and on and on and ranting and raving... I really just wanted to introduce myself somewhat and to say also that Salvador Dali is my hero once again. Oh oh, wait, and I wanted to say, that as far as the writing, the actual writing of this book, he's funny. I have laughed while reading this book and it's made my jaw drop countless times.

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