Alien Want To Write

My alien friends - I freely call them friends now... have directed me to write something today.

Forced reading and writing makes me so tense, and angry. Makes me feel like, meh, why bother? Why write? Why read??? Turn off the tv, and sit in this uncomfortable chair and write. Better yet, blame the chair and just slouch and surf the internet and watch Law and Order SVU.

There were three things I wanted to write about today and right now, I’m not writing about any of them. Here, is the fourth element.

Aliens? What aliens? Where are aliens? Did you read that article about the UFO sighting at Chicago O’hare. Nice airport. No wonder the aliens would go there. “Home Alone” was filmed there. I’ve flown through there a lot. Never actually left the airport. Unlike when I go to visit the aliens – this has been happening regularly now. Visits, taking me away. I’ve been sleepy today, must be the amount of things on my to do list. Makes me feel lethargic a little bit.
Law and Order SVU, is a little bit creepy… but there was a mention of a fedora… I like fedoras. I feel pretty cool when I wear a fedora. Like… um… like I should also wear a feather in my fedora and walk with a frilly umbrella and a pencil skirt. Ooh, and some gloves.

Okay back to the aliens… that’s what this is about. They gifted me with something. A scarf. It’s a really nice one. I think I might have married an alien or something while I was away… fuzzy memories and all… the scarf, looks suspiciously like the kind of scarf Somali women get in a wedding ceremony. Um… to explain more it’s called a “shaash saar” (the putting on of the shash) and the woman receives it to kind of symbolize that she’s married. Maybe it’s not the same kind of scarf for the others.

Also, they've made my pictures make me look like my head just floats while on their planet. Where is the rest of my body? That remains a mystery. I don't even know how I'm typing this right now.

I bet you’re wondering what one of these alien’s look like. Should I be smug and repugnant (because smugness is usually repugnant) and tell you to look in the mirror?


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