Singing Bowls at Inner Wisdom

It has been a while...

Soooo... here we must talk about Inner Wisdom Books, a wonderful soul friendly store in Deerfield Beach on US-1 right near Hillsboro Blvd - last weekend I was there and got to hang out with my good friends. Seriously, I love this store. It's such a welcoming environment to be in, and Dottie and Pete are the best people. Not only do they carry books but also angels, fairies, incense, candles, jewelry, just to name a quick few.

On Saturday Robyn Chiarelli was teaching a class using crystal singing bowls, a little light yoga, mudras and color meditation. Robyn is a patient and skilled teacher who relaxed everyone instantly with her guided meditation. Then, the singing bowls. Wow. Music sounds for healing is the best idea ever. I used the Healing Music Project cd's before - from "The Relaxation Company" and various other "brain wave meditation" things; I found them to be helpful as well. Especially when your mind goes a million miles a minute like mine does it's pretty helpful to have something that totally engages you so that you actually do focus. Anyway, I go off on tangents don't I?

For a quick history on singing bowls, just in case you don't know what they are - they are bowls that come from Tibet, Japan - um... ancient cultures, and well...

They're used for healing and meditation. In this particular class, we started from the base chakra and worked our way up, meditating on each corresponding color, doing the mudra and learning a yoga pose that worked with each chakra. After the class was over, I felt like I could fly and then I really did. No just kidding, I just wanted to know if you were paying attention... um......

Well, this was great seriously. I would like to actually learn more about the singing bowls because I feel some what like a tuning fork and I think those things work on me quite well.

I know that you're really interested in finding out more about singing bowls so here's wikipedia for you with some wicked cool information to further your singing bowl knowledge bank http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singing_bowl .

And if you would like to know about the bookstore, see their calendar and perhaps check out another class : www.innerwisdombooks.com.

Until next time, I'm off to listen to some more freestyle music... JOHNNY O N CYNTHIA... Dancing around the room in my fairy slippers... Aliens say hello. Hello.


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